TMB Trail stages



The Tour de Mont Blanc – Trail stages

The route here and throughout this site is described in an anti-clockwise direction which is the ‘classic’ way to walk it – though there is no right or wrong way only what suits you best. You may choose to finish each day in different places than those listed here and break down the trip in any number of ways – after all as it’s a circuit it doesn’t really matter!
There is nothing to stop you walking clockwise if you wish – just some of the ascents may be steeper in that direction  & you will be passing more people.  The circuit is usually done in 10 0r 11 stages, we have opted for 11 here. There are also many variants which can be added in, taking alternative paths or side trips to places that might interest you.
We have also broken down the stages into legs in each country, although some cross into two in one stage it is perhaps a useful way to visualise & remember the stages when you are unfamiliar with the names. These 11 stages are also correspond to the Guidebook ‘Tour of Mont Blanc’ by Kev Reynolds, the best English language Guidebook for trekkers.

If you click on any of the stages below it will take you to the full trail description & 3D outline map for that stage:


Stage 1 Les Houches – Les Contamines

Stage 2 Les Contamines – Les Chapieux

Stage 3 Les Chapieux – Rifugio Elisabetta

Stage 4 Rifugio Elisabetta – Courmayeur

Stage 5  Courmayeur – Rifugio Bonatti

Stage 6 Rifugio Bonatti – La Fouly

Stage 7  La Fouly – Champex

Stage 8 Champex – Col de La Forclaz

Stage 9 Col de La Forclaz – Tre Le Champ

Stage 10 Tre Le Champ – La Flegere

Stage 11 La Flegere – Les Houches